Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges and the Law

December 28th, 2015 written by Bob Miller

We frequently hear in the news that a certain politician, entertainer or business executive is being accused or charged with some type of sexual impropriety, misconduct or sex crime.  What are the consequences of being charged with a sex crime and what can you do?   Being charged with a Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) crime or lawsuit can result in serious consequences and legal penalties. The penalties are even more extreme if minors are involved.  The defendant can face life imprisonment and even the burden of being registered as a sex offender. Sex crimes can range from rape and pedophilia to […]

Proposition 47 Votes in Unexpected Trouble

July 4th, 2015 written by Bob Miller

California’s Proposition 47 was hailed as a fix for the state’s burdened criminal justice system before its passage in November. Only a few months later, it’s looking like the proposition is in need of repair itself. Its passage was supposed to decriminalize the least serious offenses and reduce the state’s crowded prison populations. Law enforcement fears that holes in the system would develop appear to be coming true, and state lawmakers are already proposing changes. According to Ballotpedia, an online almanac of U.S. politics, some provisions continue to draw criticism in the California Legislature. Several bills were introduced to amend […]

Orange County California Jails Turning into Mental Hospitals as the Number of Mentally Ill Inmates Increases

February 3rd, 2015 written by Bob Miller

A Bureau of Justice Statistics special report estimates that more than half of all prisoners and jail inmates have or had some form of undiagnosed or diagnosed mental health problem. This is compounded by rampant substance abuse issues already facing many of these inmates. California prisons and jails have become homes for people with mental illness who pose a threat to the facility, jail staffers, and other prisoners whom are ill-equipped to deal with these issues. California’s major prisons are at risk of facing a lawsuit if they deny offenders with mental illness proper treatment while incarcerated. California is currently […]

Orange County Jails More Dangerous Than Ever

December 12th, 2014 written by Bob Miller

Pressure has continued to build up in local jails in Orange County after changes which were introduced in order to reduce the population in state prisons. The state law which is referred to as AB109 required non serious and low level offenders to be sentenced to county jails instead of state prison in order to serve their sentence, no matter how long the sentence might be. Even though this was intended to reduce the population of prisoners in state prisons, it has had a very negative impact on county jails. County jails have become crowded with serious offenders who are […]

Violence is on the Rise in Orange County Jails

May 31st, 2014 written by Bob Miller

A plan that was designed to reduce prisoners’ population in state prisons has had very negative effects on county jails in Orange County. According to the new state laws passed a few years ago, lower level criminals are transferred from state prisons to local jails in order to serve the remainder of their sentence. This move has made safety to be a serious concern in county jails. The inmates who have been transferred from state prisons have become a high security risk. Some of them are parolees who have committed crimes and are sent back to custody. Others are offenders […]

Preventing and Dealing with Pedestrian Car Accidents

April 20th, 2014 written by Bob Miller

According to National Safety Council more than 5,900 pedestrians are killed each year after being hit by cars on US roads and highways with another 85,000 that suffer non-fatal injuries. In fact, one pedestrian dies every two hours after being struck by a vehicle. Almost half of these accidents that resulted in death, 48% to be precise, involved pedestrians and drivers who had consumed alcohol or were under the influence.  Nearly 25% of the reported pedestrian accidents involve children under the age of 15 years of age. In most situations, pedestrians have ‘right of way’. However, pedestrians are required to […]

Commercial Bail Bonds is Part of the Solution to Overcrowding in Prisons

January 23rd, 2014 written by Bob Miller

Prisons are a burden to the taxpayer and strain both state and county resources; this is a well known fact and agreed by all stakeholders. Yet the system as it stands seeks to increase the cost to taxpayers with additional programs and more mandates from the very system that has caused the problem in the first place by placing emphasis on incarceration. The increase in the number of overcrowded prisons has become a subject of alarm more so because of the contentious issues as how to effectively rectify the situation. The debate has been raging on which of the two […]

GPS Monitoring: A Promising Solution that Doesn’t Deliver

December 8th, 2013 written by Bob Miller

With the advent of the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, many people believe that they can use it to help keep track of criminals who are released before trial instead of keeping them locked up in jail. They think this is a solution to the overcrowding the jails. Many officials are on a constant search for alternatives to house pre-trial inmates. Instead of locking them up in jails, GPS tracking devices are used to monitor the location of defendants who are released prior to their court appearances and ordered by a Judge not to leave a prescribed geographic area. The […]

Bail Bonds and the Blame Game over Jail Overcrowding

May 3rd, 2013 written by Bob Miller

Bail bonds are an essential pretrial option offered by a bail bondsman in most states. Only four states, Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon and Wisconsin, prohibit this option and are experiencing a much higher level of county jail overpopulation and higher costs for taxpayers covering the housing fees. Those defendants are stuck in jail, pending trial dates. The very nature of state statutes that disallow commercial bail bonding companies dictates a larger number of people without the money to pay the expected fees to the county they are jailed in.  This creates the misguided assumption that all people in jail are guilty […]

Bail or Jail for the Blade Runner

February 23rd, 2013 written by Bob Miller

Oscar Pistorius also known as “Blade Runner” because of his accomplishments as the first double leg amputee to participate in the Summer Olympics, was charged with the premeditated murder of Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day this year. His daily court appearances before a South African magistrate displayed the emotional impact and toll to all parties involved, including a stunned following who celebrated the determined athlete during the Olympics. Yet, just as stunned were the fans who embraced his reality show girlfriend for her beauty and charm. South Africa and the United States have two different justice systems, yet when the […]

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