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Like Phoenix from the ashes, Orange County Bail Bonds is back!

Announcing the opening of our new building, built on the site where our original offices burned to the ground.

His businesses have survived a hurri­cane. They survived a fire.

Where many people would see these disasters as a sign to get out of the business world, Robert Miller saw opportunity to make things even better. Miller, who owns Orange County Bail Bonds (1043 Civic Center Drive West Santa Ana, Ca 92703) is a Southern California native. But he went on a multi-city whirlwind tour of entrepreneurial nightmares,none of his own making,and lived to tell about them..“I sold my interest in a nightclub in Long Island, N.Y. at the end of 1995,” Miller begins the story. “I went to St. Thomas with a little bit of money in my pocket. There were payments that were going to be coming in for the next several years from my former partner.” Then the first problem. “Three months later, the checks stopped coming from him,” Miller says. “He had lost the whole business. So I went to work in the restaurant business again, and then ended up buying a Jeep dealership there.”That business was a success until 1989, when Hurricane Hugo wiped out much of the island. “The biggest part of my business was Jeep rentals,” Miller says. “Tourism stopped for over a year. Actually, FEMA kept me alive for about six months because they rented every one of my Jeeps for those in the crisis and for the FEMA disaster people who were down there.”Miller finally closed the business a short time later, but found opportunity in another company wiped out by the hurricane. The owner of Mountain Top, a tourist destination frequented by cruise ship travelers seeking souvenirs or a “World Famous Banana Daiquiri”, wanted to shut down and not rebuild. Miller struck a deal with the owner to become a partner, rebuilt Mountain Top, and restored it to the promi­nent tourist hot spot it had been since the 1950’s.  While on the island, Miller married and had a son. Seeking better educational opportunities for his family than St. Thomas could provide, Miller moved back to California. He opened Orange County Bail Bonds in 1996, in a building also housing a number of attorney’s offices. He eventually bought the building in 2001. In November, 2006, the second floor of his building was completely destroyed by fire, and arson was suspected. “The first person they look at when it’s arson is the owner of the building, of course,” says Miller. “All they had to do was take one look at my insurance coverage and they stopped looking at me. I had the worst insurance policy. I didn’t realize how bad it was. It was one of the worst business moves I had ever made.” It took nearly two years to rebuild, with Miller operating Orange County Bail Bonds from a parking lot trailer. The business, however, didn’t suf­fer, and the building is better than ever. “It is basically the same-sized building we had before, right down to the square inch, but it’s all retro-fitted and meets new earthquake standards,” Miller says. “It was built in a green design, so you’ve got the florescent lights and special insulation. My power bills are dramatically lower than the old building; the old building had no insulation at all. So we got a better building.”And, hopefully, no more disasters.

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Police Station in China
Police Station in China

From Santa Ana, California Orange County Bail Bonds goes to Beijing! California Orange County Bail Bonds goes to Beijing!Local bondsman visit Beijing, China. Chinese say ‘No’ to bail bond at Beijing jail. Visitors dazzled by the Olympic Venues.

Santa Ana, CA (PRWeb) August 21, 2008

Santa Ana,Ca August 19, 2008 —

Bob and Anne Miller of Orange County Bail Bonds recently had the opportunity to visit China. When asked what their favorite part of the trip was they both responded with their experience at a small police station outside of .

Bob Miller says: “We introduced ourselves to Captain Lu Cho, he was very friendly, and graciously; he gave us a tour of his jail. I asked Captain Lu if he’d let me post a bail bond, he looked at me like I was crazy; when I explained to him what bail is and that it’s an 8th Amendment right allowed to all Americans in the Bill of Rights; he said “There’s no bail bond in China. If I arrest you here, you stay here until I say you can go!” He thought the idea of bail was not good, “all people in jail are guilty, why would we let them go” I tried to explain the concept of innocent until proven guilty, but, he didn’t get it.”

Anne Miller tells us that “The jail was very small and stark, but, very clean. Captain Lu said it was a slow day; two inmates were crowded in a space that the jailer said would hold 10 men. They get rice, some vegetables and water twice a day and occasionally some meat (he could not tell us what kind of meat).”

Bob and Anne tell us that they were very impressed with the Olympic Village. It was still under construction while they were in Beijing and they were told that the construction went on night and day, around the clock with over 500,000 workers involved in the different aspects of construction.  “When we drove by, as far as the eye could see, we could see a line of loaded cement trucks come in from one direction and leave, empty, from the other.”


The mottos of the Beijing Olympics are “Green Olympics,” “High-tech Olympics” and “People’s Olympics,” great attention has been paid to widely applying energy, water, soil and material-saving technologies and the provision of high-standard accessible facilities.

The Chinese government is spending a fortune to make these Olympics memorable. According to the Olympic website the budget for the venues, alone, will be 13 billion Yuan (about 2 billion dollars), including the funds for the National Stadium, nicknamed the “Bird’s Nest,” which will stay under 3.5 billion Yuan (about 486 million US dollars). Of the total budget, 50 percent came from financing from the central and Beijing municipal governments, with the rest from social funds and donations.

Even though they didn’t get to post a bail bond at the Beijing jail, Bob and Anne still had a spectacular time enjoying the sights of China>


Offering Southern California Bail Bonds, Orange County Bail Bonds Proudly Announces Their 45th Anniversary

By offering several types of bail bonds, Orange County Bail Bonds is able to serve Southern California families during their trying times. As a local California bail bond agency, Orange County Bail Bonds proudly announces their 45th year of business.

CA (PRWEB) February 26, 2008 — With the growing popularity of bail bonds, large, national corporations are now moving into the industry. During this time, Orange County Bail Bonds is proud to announce their company’s 45th anniversary of offering Southern California bail bonds.

Without the option of bail, courts and police departments would be tied down with issuing and executing fugitive warrants. Those in the bail industry execute and apprehend fugitives at their own expense; whereas courts and police departments use taxpayers’ money.

Established in 1963, Orange County Bail Bonds is a family owned and operated company. Offering intimate, discreet, and personal service, this small company has been serving Southern California families in times of crisis for 45 years. With their main office located in the Civic Center Law Building in Santa Ana, Orange County Bail Bonds is located directly across the street from the Orange County Main Jail and the Santa Ana City Jail. Orange County Bail Bonds serves dozens of cities including Anaheim, Fullerton, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Huntington Beach

Owner of Orange County Bail Bonds, Bob Miller, explains, “Our family is proud to be part of the solution for one of America’s most pressing fiscal crises; overcrowded jails. As a bail bond agency, we are an integral part of the justice system. Bail is guaranteed by the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and ensures the court that a criminal defendant will appear for trial. If the defendant does not appear, the bondsman must apprehend the defendant and return him to court or pay the full bond amount.”

Co-owner, Ann Miller of Orange County Bail Bonds, continues explaining, “Without the option of bail, courts and police departments would be tied down with issuing and executing fugitive warrants. Those in the bail industry execute and apprehend fugitives at their own expense; whereas courts and police departments use taxpayers’ money.”

Orange County Bail Bonds offer quick service at very low rates. Bonds cost as low as 8 percent and collateral is also not always required. Additionally, an agent is always in the office and available 24 hours a day. Orange County Bail Bonds’ services include numerous types of bail bonds including assault, burglary, felony, immigration, and misdemeanor.

At Orange County Bail Bonds, all of their agents are licensed by the Department of Insurance. In addition, they are in good standing as members of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States, California Bail Agents Association, and Better Business Bureau.

To learn more about the different types of bail bonds available at Orange County Bail Bonds, please visit

About Orange County Bail Bonds:
Founded in 1963, Orange County Bail Bonds is a family owned and operated bail bond agency. Ideal for those looking for Southern California bail bonds, Orange County Bail Bonds serves over 40 cities locally. In addition, Orange County Bail Bonds also offers national service. Open 24 hours a day, they proudly offer immediate bail service. With a complete understanding that bad things can happen to good people, Orange County Bail Bonds is here to help those in need.


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