David Versus Goliath

We all know the difference in service between Home Depot and your friendly and knowledgeable local hardware store; the service is always better from your neighborhood store. The difference is usually the price. With bail bonds all companies have to charge the same rates! The State of California controls the rates. So the important decision for you is; what kind of bail bond service do you prefer. Warm family-friendly, or corporate distant and cool? In this case it is Orange County Bail Bonds (David) vs. Aladdin Bail Bonds (Goliath).

Recently, we as a society have learned the dangers of dealing with large corporations; like Enron, WorldCom, AIG, etc… When you deal with a huge company, for example; Aladdin Bail Bonds, you are just one client out of thousands and you may end up being shuffled from agent to agent; you may, actually, be talking to someone in Sacramento or Eureka! With over 50 offices, they are the Goliath of bail bonds.

We are a family owned and operated bail bond business, and have been since 1963. Bob Miller, co-owner of Orange County Bail Bonds was born and raised right here in Orange County. His wife and co-owner, Anne, their son James, and Cousin Mike and Scott are always ready to help your family through the bail bond process. Our family is here 24 hours a day, seven days a week; we’ll get your loved one out of custody at the lowest expense and with a minimal amount of paperwork. We’re the David of bail bond industry!

With Orange County Bail Bonds you’ll always get one of our family members who will compassionately and professionally give you all the information you need to let you make the right decision as to how to get your friend or family member out of jail. No pressure; just friendly, courteous assistance.

Our office is located directly across the street from the Orange County Main Jail, Santa Ana Court House and the Santa Ana City Jail.  If necessary, one of us will come to your home or we will meet you at any other jail in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino counties – at no extra cost! We have reciprocal agreements with agencies all over the country and we can get bonds posted, immediately, in almost every state.

We think your decision is simple; Orange County Bail Bonds vs. Aladdin Bail Bonds, we are the “David” of the bail bonds industry. Put your faith in the family oriented little guys.

We sincerely hope you never need us; but we know bad things sometimes happen to good people and our family will be here when you need us!


Toll Free: 714-224-5688 or (888) BAIL-ALL

Tel: (714) 543-8688

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Main Office

Orange County Bail Bonds
1043 West Civic Center Drive
Suite 100
Santa Ana, CA 92703
Robert L. Miller – CA Ins. Lic.#1840710

Other Jail Locations: Los Angeles County Jail  Costa Mesa Jail  Newport Beach Jail  Laguna Beach CA Jail