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The justice system in America seems to think that everyone knows all that needs to be known about posting bond. But it’s not like it is on television shows like Law & Order, or even as simple as portrayed on Dog: The Bounty Hunter. As a premier bail agent providing experienced bondsmen, we seek to provide the information on bail bonds Orange County California residents need in case the situation ever arises, with a little help from the CBAA (California Bail Agents Association).

We’ll begin by explaining bail bonds. Orange County Bail Bonds, our company, is one of many agencies providing this necessary service. The purpose of bail is to assure the attendance of a defendant, when his or her presence is required in court, before or after conviction. Often, the bail price is too high for the incarcerated individual to pay him or herself, thus the need for a bond.

When a bond is issued, the bonding company, in this case our agency, will guarantee that the defendant appears in court. A bond usually requires collateral, though not always, in the case of our company. The typical price for a bond premium is 10% of the cost of the bail, but we offer rates as low as 8% in order to make our service affordable for those who are truly in need of assistance. The agency then posts the bond for the defendant and takes responsibility for insuring the incarcerated person shows up for the court date.

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