Bail Bond Agent Sues Dog the Bounty Hunter TV Show

Dog the Bounty Hunter makes the news once again.  Last time we checked he was doing the suing, now Dog is being sued. Duane “Dog” Chapman claims that he is “the world’s most famous bounty hunter” in large part due to the popular TV series: “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. To prove this point, Dog and his family cast members sued the law firm they hired for legal services related to the A&E television series. Their claim is the law firm they hired to represent them in legal matters related to the show breached their fiduciary responsibilities by illegally paying out commissions to an unlicensed talent agent for over 10 years.  In other words, Dog and his family don’t take kindly to someone else taking a cut on his profits from the show.

Now the tables have turned and Bobby Brown who is a Colorado Springs bail bonds agent is suing the creators of the TV series for $75,000 in damages.  Brown, the bail bondsman, claims that he appeared in more that 40 episodes of the show and was only paid $6000 in total and was never compensated for the episodes shot in Colorado.  Brown feels that he was used by the show’s creators for their own gain without fulfilling promises of compensation for his contributions to the show.

In a related story, Dog and his wife have got Randy Quaid, famous Hollywood Actor, in their bounty hunting sights.  Randy Quaid and his wife have skipped bail in the US on a $5,000 vandalism charge and are asking for asylum in Canada.  The Chapmans are also in Canada apparently looking for Quaid but claim they will not apprehend him in Canada.  Lessons learned we surmise from their arrest in Mexico during another famous person manhunt across US borders. Where by the way, they posted bail and left the county seeking asylum in the US from Mexican authorities after their arrest in Mexico.