Charlie Sheen, Call your Bail Bondsman!

Famous (more like infamous these days) actor Charlie Sheen has a posse that includes porn stars, professional athletes, CEOs, and other Hollywood celebrities. Who he should have hanging around, or at least on speed dial on his phone is a bail bondsman.

The high-flying Charlie Sheen was arrested and released on bail on Christmas Day, 2009 when his now ex-wife Brooke Mueller called police after an incident involving domestic violence . He was booked and released on a bail of $8500 from the Pitkin County Prison in Colorado while on vacation in Aspen.

In light of his recent activities, it’s entirely possible that his bail bond could be forfeited due to the court’s stipulating that he have no drugs or alcohol in his system. Hello, Charlie Sheen? Do you think  nobody is listening to your rants about  “pounding a 7 gram rock” ? And what exactly is the alcohol content of tiger blood, anyway?

Given his proclivity for “partying out of bounds”, it might behoove Charlie Sheen to travel with a licensed California Bail bondsman in his inner circle, if for no other reason than to get back to the party quicker after his inevitable future arrests.

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