Christina Aguilera hears “The Voice” (of a bail bondsman?)

It’s would seem that in today’s Hollywood, a necessary part of any movie star’s entourage should include not just a publicist, agent, bodyguard, or hanger on, but a bail bondsman! What is it about today’s newsmakers that leads them toward the type of entertainment that invariably results in well publicized arrests?

Add to the list of Tinseltown notables requiring a California bail bondsman, Christina Aguilera. After partying late into the night at a fashionable restaurant, on Mar. 1, the golden throated platinum one and her new boyfriend, Matt Rutler were stopped for  driving erratically. It was determined that Mr. Rutler was indeed intoxicated, although he was only slightly over the legal limit of .08% blood alcohol content. Officers determined Rutler was drunk and was arrested for misdemeanor DUI.

He was arrested in and booked for a DUI, with a bail of $5,000, which he had posted by a West Hollywood bondsman and released. Ms. Aguilera however, was so intoxicated, that officers took her into custody by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at the County Jail, keeping her in a cell for a few hours, until she was deemed sober enough to function on her own and was able to call someone to take her home.

The singer who is a coach/judge on the new talent/reality show “The Voice” is on a roll. She lost her footing and briefly went down at the Feb. 13 Grammy Awards during a tribute medley to singer Aretha Franklin. She also made headlines by botching a line while singing the national anthem at the Feb. 6 2010 Super Bowl. Hey, Christina, maybe you should contact Charlie Sheen, ask him who his bail bondsman is: you could probably get a group rate!

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