Obama err Osama is Dead ( or is he?)

A coworker, a fellow bail bondsman called me Sunday night. Excitedly he asked  “are you watching the news?” When I replied no, he blurted “ ding dong, Obama’s dead!”  I had a momentary panic, thinking the president had been assassinated, when he quickly corrected himself, saying “ I mean, Osama, Osama BinLaden!” Relieved it wasn’t the president, I was at first overjoyed to learn the man responsible for fomenting a lot of the world’s terrorist activity had been killed.

As it sunk in, though, I felt more disappointed than anything. I suppose I had wanted Bin Laden to have been captured, paraded publicly in shame, humiliated, like despot Saddam Hussein was at the end. I wonder if a bail bond would have been set for him? How high? Can you imagine an attorney arguing for a lower bail? “ Your honor, my client is not a flight risk”

As event are unfolding, there are so many questions, not enough answers. Why cant’ we see proof? Why is the story changing? Why was the burial at sea? ( in accordance with Islamic tradition, blah, blah, blah…. gee , we don’t want to offend anybody, especially anyone related to the man who called for the planes to crash into Americans on 9/11).

I would have loved to see Bin Laden argue a defense in the World Court, trying to justify the  unleashing of terrorism on innocent victims, but I guess that’s not gonna happen now. The world and I will have to wait for the photos and/or video that supposedly is available, when we’re deemed ready by the powers that be. I’m ready!

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