Orange County Bail Bonds Payment Plans and Financing

When seeking bail bond services in Orange County, you should understand how much it will ultimately cost you and how this process works. Generally speaking, you will be charged a rate of between 8 and 10 percent on any bail bond in California. This rate is applied to the amount of money that it costs to get you or your loved one out of jail. Any rate that falls beyond those parameters is actually illegal and, therefore, should be avoided.

Orange County Bail Bonds charges the bare minimum of 8 percent, so you won’t find a legal option anywhere in the state that costs less. We are also willing to work with all of our client to ensure that you can afford our bail bonds services.

The problem, however, is that even the lowest possible rate could cost you a fair amount of money if you have a high bail amount. Luckily, our bail bond company can look at your situation and come up with a payment plan that allows you to receive your bond and pay us in installments.

Make sure that you understand exactly what you are getting into before you begin, since your freedom could be at stake. Here’s how our financing and payments plans work:

Coming Up with a Down Payment

To start with, we will likely ask you for a down payment. The amount of the down payment is entirely dependent on the amount of the bail bond service you are applying for. This money shows us that you are committed to working with us and that it isn’t solely our money that is being used to get you free.

The down payment is important because it ensures that we can mitigate some of our risk in this situation. For example, if your loved one has bail set at $2,000 and doesn’t show up for his or her court date in Orange County Courts, we are held responsible and won’t receive our money back. By asking for a down payment from you, it ensures that you share some of this burden with us.

Contact us at 800-422-4540 and a bail bondsman will discuss the specifics regarding our down payment policy. Once we have a chance to discuss the situation, we can come up with a solution that suits your needs.

Finding Multiple Signers

Next, we will ask that you have multiple co-signers on the bond. Preferably, these signers will be your mom, dad, siblings, or other family members. Having these other signers on the bond gives us more assurance that you will show up to your court dates and won’t try to run on your charges.

The reasons for having multiple signers involved is that it also helps eliminate some of the risk on our end. You don’t know us and we don’t know you, but by having someone that knows you very well take on some responsibility for your whereabouts, we can, once again, eliminate some of the risk that is involved with providing our Orange County bail bonds service.

You can think of this as being similar to asking for a loan when you don’t have an adequate credit rating. In this situation, you might ask your parents to help you out by co-signing on the loan. Creditors do this type of thing all the time to lessen their risk, which is why we take the same strategy.

Having Collateral

There is also a chance that we will ask you for collateral, particularly if the bond is for a significant amount of money. What this means is that if you are unable to pay the fees that are associated with the bond or if you skip out on your court date and we lose the bond money, that we will be able to recoup this money by seizing some of your assets.

Keep in mind that we don’t ask for collateral in every situation. It all comes down to the situation at hand, which we evaluate on a case by case basis. Generally, if the amount of the bond poses us with a significant risk, we will ask for collateral to offset some of the risk on our end.

The items that we will ask for collateral depend on the amount of the bond. For higher bail amounts, your car, boat, or even your house could be used as collateral. In the end, our need for collateral is dependent on a number of different factors, so discuss your situations with us beforehand to have a clearer view of what is required.

Now What?

Once you have met all of our criteria, there is a good chance that we’ll be able to offer you a payment plan. Like everything else, the plan will depend on the situation at hand and the amount of the bond. This is another situation where you will have to give us a call to see how our financing options work.

Rest assured, however, we are aware of how difficult this situation is for you and will do our best to give you the leeway that you need to get out of jail immediately.

Your payment plan will work similarly to any other loan that you might take out. You will have a payment schedule that you must meet in order to keep your loan in good standing. If you fail to make payments on your loan, you could lose the bond or have to deal with penalties.

What We Can Do For You?

Our goal here is to make this situation as painless as possible for you. We are aware that dealing with legal difficulties is never easy and that there is a fair amount of stress that goes along with it. As a result, we look forward to helping you out and making this situation run as smoothly as possible.

We have a wide variety of payment plan options available, so check with us at 800-422-4540 and we can discuss a plan that best works for you. We are a family-owned bail bonding company and we pride ourselves on our ability to make things work for individuals who need our assistance.