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It’s been awhile since my last blog post, but due to repeated calls from my adoring public ( well okay, Mom and Uncle Joe) I’ve written another thrilling, can’t put it down post! This time out we’ll be discussing Pay To Stay jails in Orange County. At this time, there are Pay To Stay facilities in Santa Ana, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, and Seal Beach.

So, you committed a crime, bailed out with Orange County Bail Bonds, went to court, and (oh no!) were sentenced. The purpose of a Pay To Stay jail is to allow someone convicted of a crime to serve their time in a city jail instead of the Orange County Jail. It permits a person to continue to work or attend school, to provide support for a family, and avoid disrupting a work schedule. For many, it also allows them to serve their sentence in a less intimidating environment. Most of the facilities allow inmates to attend work or school daily, from roughly 6:00am to 6:00pm.

Each facility has its own criteria for enrolling and rules of conduct (see attached form from the Anaheim PD) but they all are pretty standard as to cost, hours/days available, and types of crimes that would cause denial of the programs. Cost can vary depending on the facility, but is usually non refundable for violation of the rules once it’s paid. For a long sentence, the fees can be considerable, but again, the cost may outweigh the alternative, which is to serve a sentence in the general population of the Orange County Jail.

Anaheim Police Department   Pay To Stay – Work Release Program

The City of Anaheim Police Department will participate in work release programs for males and females arrested for most misdemeanors and some felonies with approval from the court. The primary criteria for acceptance are as follows:
No violence – The arresting charge should not involve violence, however is evaluated on a case by case basis. History of violence may also be a cause for rejection. Initial _____

• No drugs – Individuals considering the City of Anaheim Pay To Stay/Work Release Program must refrain from the use of any alcohol or narcotics. For security reasons all participants must
agree to be strip searched each time that they return to the facility. Initial _____

Timeliness – All commitment times must be adhered to at all times. There are no exceptions. Initial _____

Health – Inmates wishing to participate in the Anaheim Pay-to-Stay/Work Release Program must provide the facility with a completed Medical Screening Application, signed by a licensed
physician. The form must be completed prior to entry into the facility. All cost associated with the process are the responsibility of the applicant. Initial _____

Interview – Any person wishing to participate in the program must participate in an interview with a Correctional Sergeant prior to acceptance. Interviews are held by appointment only.
Initial _____

Medications – Any medication required by any participant must be approved prior. ONLY APPROVED PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATION will be permitted in the facility. Individuals
requiring unapproved psychotropic medications will not be accepted. Initial _____

Paperwork – A signed court order/minute order affixed with the seal of the issuing court must state that the individual can be incarcerated at the City of Anaheim jail. In addition, the court
order must show what times the individual can leave and must return to the facility. This document must be approved prior to the surrender date. Initial _____

Fee – Payment for the program is $150.00 for the first day, and $100.00 for each additional day. Payment is accepted in full or in two-week increments with the first two-weeks due upon
incarceration.  Money orders and cashier’s checks are the only form of payment accepted. Initial _____

Grooming standards – All individuals accepted into the program agree to abide by the sentenced inmate grooming standards. No beards, Goatees, long hair or unruly hair. Hair shall be kept short and neat. Participants shall shave as required by staff. Mustaches must be groomed regularly. Initial _____

Holidays – All Federal holidays ( Federal law 5 U.S.C. 6103) are considered a non-work day unless the day in question has been addressed on the commitment order. If you are in our custody on a holiday you will remain in our custody unless your commitment order has cleared you for that day. These holidays include: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Initial _____

Failure to Complete Program – In the event that you fail to complete your program without the permission of the pay-to-stay administrator; all funds paid in advance of time served will not be refunded.

Participants must refrain from the use of alcohol at all times when released from the facility for work. Any belief from staff that the participant has consumed alcohol, any narcotic, or any misuse of medication will result in immediate lock down and new charges. Initial _____

No property shall be allowed into the facility upon returning from work. This includes newspapers, magazines, or books. For security reasons all work furlough participants shall be strip searched upon re-entry into the facility. No cell phones, computers, IPADS etc., will be allowed into the facility. Initial _____

Family members can DONATE appropriate DVD’s/Books to the facility for inmates in the program. Any donated movie must be new (no previously used) and must be in sealed original packaging.
Donated movies/books shall be considered property of the Anaheim Detention Facility and will not be returned upon release. The ultimate decision to accept a movie/book will be the responsibility of the Correctional Sergeant on duty.


Visitation for inmate workers/ work release participants occurs on Saturday and Sunday between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. All visits are non-contact.  Participants in the City of Anaheim Pay-to-Stay Program must agree to provide physical labor for the facility for a minimum of five hours on days that they are not released for work.

What to Bring

If you are a pay-to-stay inmate and need specialized clothing to wear when you leave the facility, you must discuss this with the work release supervisor prior to starting the program. When you report on your first day you should bring ONLY the following:
• A copy of the most current commitment order
• A check for full payment or $1,450.00, or if less than fourteen (14) days, the total amount due
• Medical clearance paperwork

You may also bring the following items:

• (2) pair of blue jeans
• (2) comfortable shirts (no slogans)
• (1) sweatshirt
• (1) sweat pants (for sleeping)
• (1) pair rubber soled shoes/tennis shoes (no boots/steel toes/dress shoes)
• (1) Belt
• No toiletries (all are provided)
• No writing equipment (will be provided)
• No jewelry, watches, or cash
For additional information contact a Correctional Sergeant at 714.765.1826.

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