Recall George Gascon

It’s the act of a desperate man. George Gascon, Los Angeles County District Attorney facing a recall effort, has sent out an email asking for donations to fight his case. Mr. Gascon obviously doesn’t know that I’m a licensed Bail Bond agent, and I’ve written blog posts (see Orange County Bail Bonds tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram all supporting his recall.

Orange County Bail Bonds, and the bail industry in general are opposed to George Gascon’s policies which are soft on crime and criminals and wanting to eliminate bail.

How many times must the people have to vote and protest legislation and laws that protect criminals instead of the public?

In the email I received, Gascon points out his “fight to end wage theft” from corporations, while not addressing the issues that have led to the recall effort against him, mainly his unwillingness to punish criminals.

The current recall effort has passed 450,000 signatures, there need to be 566,857 signatures from registered Los Angeles County voters, by the cutoff date of July 6, 2022. That’s when the Orange County Registrar has to have that amount to put the recall effort on the ballot in the November 2022 general election. Thousands of petitions are being turned in daily, and millions are being mailed directly to voters. It’s important that leaders in the community as well as residents continue to get involved with this recall effort to get it qualified for the ballot.

The reasons for this recall effort are many, but basically it stems from policies and directives put in place by District Attorney Gascon after he was elected. His policies have placed the lives of residents in danger as well as demoralizing police, and seriously harming the families of crime victims.

The recall effort blames Gascon for rising crime stats. At the risk of lulling readers to sleep with numbers it needs to be pointed out that in 2020, the percentage of people jailed decreased by 66 percent with an increase in murder rates of 31 percent. There are those who blame Gascon for these numbers.

A few of his directives are as follows:

• Special Directive 20-06, which essentially eliminates cash bail within L.A. County for “any misdemeanor, non-serious felony, or non-violent felony offense.”

• Special Directive 20-07, which directs prosecutors to decline or dismiss a series of misdemeanor charges, including trespassing, drug possession, and resisting arrest

• Special Directive 20-08, which originally eliminated sentencing enhancements for most charges. It has since been amended to allow for such enhancements for serious charges such as child abuse, sex trafficking, and hate crimes.

Additionally, as much as 98 percent of prosecutors, along with sheriffs and Los Angeles police do NOT support George Gascon.

We at Orange County Bail Bonds have opposed legislators who have tried to eliminate bail and bonds. The public of California have spoken ( and voted) against nonsensical reforms with good reason. The numbers speak for themselves: without bail, criminals are released back onto the streets, with no incentive to appear in court. That makes it easy to get out to commit new crimes with no fear of punishment. Simply put: incarcerations down, crimes up.

Recall George Gascon!

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