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How Do I Find Out If My Friend or Family Is in Jail?


If you’re worried that someone is in jail, you can call Orange County Bail Bonds for help. What we can do for you is check the local jails to see if they are in custody. We frequently receive calls from people concerned that a loved one has not returned home for a specific period of time.

Sometimes there is a lag between the time a person is stopped, arrested, and transported to jail, depending on the place that it happens. Most of the arrests made by the California Highway Patrol are taken to the Orange County Jail. The same goes for many of the cities within Orange County, but there are exceptions: Santa Ana, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and Fullerton are some of the cities who may possibly keep an arrestee in custody rather than transport them to the County Jail. That being said, sometimes a city jail will keep someone for just a short period of time before transferring them to the County Jail. It has been our experience that bailing someone from a city jail is always a much quicker process than the County facility.

When you call us at Orange County Bail Bonds. If you give us the name of the person you are looking for, we can check immediately to see if the person is the Orange County Jail. If they are not, we can keep checking periodically to see if they show up. We can also check the city jails mentioned above to see if they show up there. It’s helpful if you can narrow down where the person may have been coming from or to, or also if there is a possibility that the person had any outstanding warrants. Sometimes something like a simple traffic stop can turn into an arrest if the driver shows up in the police system as having a warrant.

You can also use our online inmate jail locator, complete the form and we will get back to you via phone or email to let you know what we have found. Orange County Sheriffs Department has a website where you search for an inmate by first and last name, as well as, their court date if it has been assigned.

Latino/as, we know that many times you use both your father’s and mother’s last names. If you can give us both names, it is extremely helpful in locating the person you are looking for. Many times the police stations or the County Jail will have the mother’s last name last, or the father’s last name last or both run together, so without knowing all the names, it makes it that much more difficult to find the person you’re looking for.

As we’ve said often, if we can’t find the person in jail after a certain time, maybe that’s a good thing! We hope that we can serve you in any capacity regarding finding someone in jail or helping them get released with a bail bond.

Please feel free to contact us at 714-543-8688 any time of the day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with any question regarding bail bonds or set up a bail bond for you or your loved ones.


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