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Come to Orange County Bail Bonds for all of your bail needs. We are proud to serve our community in the southern California area. While we offer a variety of bail bonds, Orange County, California is a unique community that offers us other opportunities for community service. Our bail bond services are structured to help local cities efficiently handle their inmate population. We offer private services that help police departments and legal systems maintain their inmate tracking systems and ensure proper compliance on behalf of the individuals that are subjected to trial.

You can be assured that if you have an outstanding bail bond, Irvine, Anaheim, San Clemente and other surrounding areas will be equally served by our forty-five years of experience. We are privately owned and offer services that are discrete and affordable.

Bail Bonds in Irvine

If you live in any community in southern California, you understand the complexity of the area and the unique mix of communities. We work throughout the area and have served many different types of clients. If you need a bail bond, Irvine is just one of the areas that we have worked in over the years. Our clients have been convicted of a variety of different offenses, and our track record of compliance is excellent. We understand the risk to keep track of these individuals because we assume the risk ourselves. Though we are specialists in bail bonds, Orange County, California presents many interesting challenges as we work with clients and the local court systems.

We are conveniently located from most local law enforcement agencies and incarceration facilities. We can be reached through our tool-free number for convenient and quick service. Since we have worked with many different municipalities throughout our length of service, we are familiar with their modes of operation and can quickly assist our clients with our bail services. Give us a call and receive immediate confidential service.


Toll Free: 714-224-5688 or (888) BAIL-ALL

Tel: (714) 543-8688

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