An eloquent editorial against Bail Reform

From a recent article in the Orange County Register: Tony Rackauckas, District Attorney for Orange County eloquently explains why Bail Reform is a bad idea. I’ve written about the negative aspects (not so eloquently) of bail reform, the posts are available here under blog posts. “There have been two major cases in the news recently,… Continue reading An eloquent editorial against Bail Reform

Update on New Jersey Bail Fail

We know that our admiring public has been waiting anxiously for an updated blog post on SB10, the California Senate Bill trying to eliminate bail and bail bondsmen in Orange County and throughout the Golden State. Last we heard, Governor Jerry Brown has decided that it will be a priority for 2018 (but if his… Continue reading Update on New Jersey Bail Fail

Die Bill, Die!

Die Bill, Die! No silly, I’m not proposing to murder someone named William. I’m referring to California Senate Bill 10, affectionately known as SB10, which is attempting to eliminate bail and bondsman as an industry throughout the state. Last we checked it was sent to Appropriations for further study. As of September 6, 2017, several… Continue reading Die Bill, Die!

A 3.5 Billion Dollar Mistake

Once again the status of bail bonds as we’ve come to know them is in jeopardy in the state of California. As you’ll recall from a previous post here (Is Prop 47 a Flop?) statistics have shown that doing away with the need for bail bonds by virtue of releasing arrested persons on their own… Continue reading A 3.5 Billion Dollar Mistake

Newport Beach Jail Information

Newport Beach, California has long been home to the rich and famous. It is home to luxurious mansions, yachts, restaurants, resorts, shopping malls, and of course, the beach. Over the years it’s been a playground to the stars who in days gone by would take the Red Car trolleys from Tinsel Town (aka Hollywood) to… Continue reading Newport Beach Jail Information

Cuban Bail

Just got back from a ten day trip to Havana,Cuba. Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect,  I sorta had a vision of a strict depressing atmosphere somewhat like Romania or another Communist bloc country. I knew the climate would be pleasant, I lived in Puerto Rico for many years, another Caribbean island with… Continue reading Cuban Bail

James Musick: The Jail and The Man

This will be the third installment of the ongoing series of posts about Orange County jails. The third jail in the Orange County Jail system is the James Musick Facility, also known as The Farm. James Musick was an interesting guy! Musick is a one hundred acre minimum security facility. The facility is located in… Continue reading James Musick: The Jail and The Man

The History of Theo Lacy and Orange County’s Jails

Theophilus “Theo” Lacy,  was a farmer, stable operator, and former Santa Ana town treasurer. He was also Orange County’s second (1891-95) and fourth (1899-1911) sheriff. Because the county was principally agricultural and sparsely populated, however, Lacy didn’t have much to do other than chase vagrants, look into an (infrequent) fight or robbery, and oversee the simple… Continue reading The History of Theo Lacy and Orange County’s Jails

Is it a crime to be poor? (We don’t think so)

Is it a crime to be poor?   by Scott Miner Lightnin’ Hopkins, the most heavily recorded blues musician once wrote a song entitled “It’s a sin to be rich, it’s a low-down shame to be poor”. The United States Justice Department recently issued a ruling stating that holding defendants in jail is unconstitutional based on… Continue reading Is it a crime to be poor? (We don’t think so)

Orange County Bail Bonds Payment Plans and Financing

When seeking bail bond services in Orange County, you should understand how much it will ultimately cost you and how this process works. Generally speaking, you will be charged a rate of between 8 and 10 percent on any bail bond in California. This rate is applied to the amount of money that it costs… Continue reading Orange County Bail Bonds Payment Plans and Financing